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Air Conditioning Repair

As a local business in Texas for over 2 decades, we know just how serious the Texas heat can be. With daily highs in the 90s or above 100 °F, cooling your home is a matter of both comfort and safety.

When things start to heat up, air conditioning repair in Kyle, Buda, South Austin, and the surrounding areas is just a phone call away.

From the moment you call, we do everything we can to restore your air conditioning with fast, friendly support. Our team of trained HVAC technicians are fellow Texans who know the importance of affordable and efficient air conditioning repair.

AIM A/C and Heating Services have served the Kyle, Texas, area for more than 20 years. Our decades of successful air conditioning repair and hundreds of satisfied customers are a testament to the quality of our air conditioning repair services.

We’re Your Trusted Choice For AC Repair in Kyle & Buda

Whether your air conditioning system is showing signs of malfunction or has broken down entirely, our team of expert technicians are ready to provide fast ac repair to ensure your comfort in no time.

All our AC services begin with an inspection of your entire cooling system, including:

HVAC system being serviced for air conditioning repair by AIM A/C and Heating Services technicians

We fix any problem we find and never upsell unnecessary service. Experts recommend scheduling annual AC inspections to prevent malfunction and fix any issues before they worsen. Regular HVAC maintenance twice a year, during spring and fall, to prepare for the upcoming season will save you time, money, and headaches from fixing or replacing broken systems.

Some of the most common cooling issues we repair include:

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repairs

A broken down or inefficient AC system can leave you sweating, but there are also less obvious signs of malfunction.

Keep an eye out for:

- Consider the Age of Your HVAC System -

No matter what age we will always do our best to repair your AC. However, if your cooling system is over 10 years old, it may be more efficient to upgrade to a new system. Today’s AC units are up to 60% more efficient than those made 10+ years ago. Investing in a new system can save you money on energy bills and minimize expensive repairs.

Factory Trained - Factory Authorized​

While we can service any make or model of AC unit, our quality of service earned us the title of Lennox Premier Dealer. We are uniquely qualified to repair and install Lennox A/C systems with unparalleled speed and service. When you choose AIM A/C Heating Services for your cooling repair, you choose a local team of trained experts with an excellent record of customer satisfaction.

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hvac being serviced for cooling repair by AIM A/C and Heating Services

Recognize one of the problems mentioned above? Want to prevent breakdown or expensive HVAC maintenance in the future? Schedule air conditioning repair with AIM A/C and Heating Services today.

We have a reputation for helping our customers with cost-efficient repair and installation of heating and cooling systems. Our trained technicians are ready to diagnose any problems and restore your home to comfort in no time.

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